Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A visit by Jimmy Hansra! - By Anant B.

Our Indcan Cricket Club practices at Sperling every Tuesday and holds a special training session for juniors once a week.

Today at our tuesday practice, we had a surprise visit by Jimmy Hansra, ex-captain of Canadian National Cricket team. Jimmy spent two hours with us and shared valuable tips about the game. Jimmy led several fielding drills with the players starting with high catches, slip catches, and ground fielding, coaching us along the way about the correct way of stopping the ball, taking a catch in a safe way and then the art of picking up and throwing.

He shared his experiences as a batsman and gave us several batting tips. He then got a measure of some of our bowlers when he batted for a few minutes. Jimmy laid a lot of emphasis on fitness and building physical endurance and stamina. We are glad that we as a club are going in the right direction since our coach Sanjay Morar has already been coaching us on similar points for some time.

Ankit won the Team Canada red cap from Jimmy for not dropping a single catch during the drills. It was a pleasure to have Jimmy with us today at our practice and I hope that he received a positive impression of the talent in our club. We look forward to hosting Jimmy again sometime later this season.


  1. Good job!! It was fun doing practice sessions at sperling.

  2. Great work, Anant, Sanjay Patankar and especially Anshu Mehta.

    Message from Jimmy Hansra